1.         Shipping & Handing, all taxes, and insurance, are included in the total amount you paid upon               check out. Additional intra-island fees may apply. All purchases are final.

       2.       Availability of the product and price may change, however, AC Pacific LLC will inform the customer via email of the changes             and  the customer may request for a full refund or accept the changes.

  3.      All electronic items under 30 days from purchase date is covered under the company’s repair warranty. Any electronic item            functionality issues beyond the 30 days will be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Claims processed under             manufacturer’s warranty will be at the customer’s expense including item shipping costs back to the manufacturer.

        4.        Customers must always inspect their orders if any damages (impair its value, usefulness, or normal function) occurred.  If there         is  no damage and the order is accepted and received by the customer, AC Pacific LLC will not be liable for any damages             incurred after the customer’s product received/delivery date.

        5.       AC Pacific LLC is only liable for the initial shipping and handling, not the quality or satisfaction of the product or brand except as           covered under the company’s repair warranty or manufacturer’s warranty.

        6.       Customers requesting ordered items be shipped via USPS with item value greater than $50 must be insured at the customer’s              expense.

        7.       Estimated time of arrivals may change, however, AC Pacific LLC will inform you of the updated Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)            through your email address on record at the time of your purchase.